Finding Ring size

Finding your ring size. 
Please make sure you give us the correct ring size when placing your order.
We always recommend visiting a local jeweler to be sized properly. Many will do this for free. Please do not use any of the 'printable' sizers you find online, most of these are not accurate

Please be sure to check the width of the ring you like to see if you need to measure for a wide band or a thin band.

If the ring doesn't fit right because of the inaccurate sizing information, and it has to be resized, please contact us. Fees for resizing a ring start at $30, The amount could be more for gold or two-metal rings. It also depends on the gem type used in the setting. Most colored gems cannot withstand the heat needed for soldering, so they have to be replaced after resizing. Some gems are hard to find, so they cannot be replaced but with other stones.

In most cases, rings can be sized down or up by Laser welding please contact us for a quote. 



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