A little bit about our brand  

We are a husband and wife team of jewelry designers, working together for over twenty years. We design and produce High quality, fine gold jewelry set with precious and semi-precious stones. 

We consider the creation process, from concept to application, to be a struggle between spirit and matter – a struggle whose aim is to subdue the material and to achieve harmony.

Inspired by our observations of nature, the jewelry we design has modern lines with a vintage touch. All of our jewelry is handcrafted. We use a variety of techniques, working with metal as well as with wax sculpture. We invest great effort in maintaining exceptionally high quality and a meticulous finish. Our mission is to provide an aesthetic and pleasurable experience through our jewelry.

We love making people happy and hope our art touches your heart.





Welcome To Anvehu Jewelry

2021 New sapphire ring collection - Noga

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